My Name Is Rosie : Kate Updike O'Connor
My Name Is Rosie : Kate Updike O'Connor

About the Book

Read about Rosie's first encounter with Kate and Tess and her introduction to her new home in the just released book, My Name is Rosie: Snippets of a Corgi's Everyday Life in Her Own Words, by Kate Updike O'Connor. Rosie shares what she remembers of her early days, including the snarly cat Kiki and the gentle girl Tess, her brother Rudy, Bark Magazinethe smell on the sofa that she's convinced belongs to The Other Dog who must have lived there before her, and other observations about her daily life that only Rosie can make. British artist Chloe White completes this charming little book with beautiful pen and ink drawings to delight all ages.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of My Name is Rosie will benefit Woods Humane Society in San Luis Obispo, California.

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About Kate and Rosie

Kate and Rosie
The author of My Name is Rosie says, "After loving a big yellow Labrador for almost fourteen years, I thought I would need to wait at least a couple of years after he died before taking another dog into my life. I was heartbroken. Leave it to the wisdom of a child to lead me to Rosie - only two months after Kodiak died, my daughter, who was nine at the time, begged me to come see a litter of Pembroke Welsh Corgis she'd discovered.
Welsh Corgi - Rosie'Mama, they're so cute!'
Both my husband and I were familiar with Corgis and had thought at one point we'd like to get to know the breed. Corgis are herding dogs, smart and energetic, and cute as can be. So I agreed to take a look, but made no promises. To my surprise, the breeder had chosen to not dock the tails. Within minutes of visiting the pups, my daughter fell in love with the lone female and named her Rosie. I wasn't far behind. Two days later, we took her home."

About Welsh Corgis

Rosie - Welsh CorgiThe Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an intelligent, good-natured and energetic herding dog, whose name, Corgi, means "dwarf dog" in Welsh. Although in a moderate-sized body, the Corgi has a big dog personality and can be trained to do just about anything, particularly if the task includes agility and enthusiasm. The Corgi's heritage enables it to work the whole day through, so it must engage in daily activity that calls for speed, endurance, athletic ability and intelligence. Rosie will tell you in her book, My Name is Rosie, how much she loves to run and catch the Frisbee or the ball or some other toy and that she insists on doing this activity every day! The tail of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is traditionally docked at birth, whereas the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, a separate breed from the Pembroke and slightly bigger in body, keeps its foxlike tail. Rosie is unique among Pembroke Welsh Corgis because she got to keep her tail. Many people who stop to meet her are quick to admire it.

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Live Radio Interview

Let's hear it for hometown radio, and in this case, The Dave Congalton Show at 920kvec in San Luis Obispo, California. Thank you to Dave, a veteran newscaster, author, and lover of all things canine, for helping to launch Kate Updike O'Connor's new book, My Name is Rosie. Listen to Kate's interview with Dave where she reads a snippet from the book and invites listeners to her first book signing the next day at Novel Experience in downtown San Luis Obispo. Thanks in large part to Dave's show, that signing was a big success. Kate signed fifty books that afternoon.

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